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Your Memory and Neurotransmitters


A person’s memory is aided by chemicals in the brain that are referred to in the medical world as neurotransmitters. If there is an imbalance in these chemical levels, it will affect the memory. There are a couple different reasons that a persons levels could be thrown off. Below we will take a look at some of the ways people have been able to keep their neurotransmitters in balance to help with their memory. Here’s a good read about¬†James Eells MD, check it out!

One reason is diet, you diet is crucial to supplying your brain with the nutrients that it needs. Your brain needs good fats, it helps the neurotransmitters in the area of nerve connections. Some people that are on a low fat diet will suffer from memory problems, this is because some fats are good for your body and your mind. To gather more awesome ideas on James Eells MD, click here to get started.

Aside from needing good fats, your brain will also need proteins that will be broken down into amino acids. These types of acids will help the brain and you stay focused on the task at hand. In order for the brain to function properly, it will need to create over 200 neurotransmitters. Eating a balanced diet is important and so it not putting your body or your mind under to much stress. Being under heavy stress could potentially deplete brain chemicals, if you are not able to recover from this then you could have memory issues.

If you are noticing that you are not getting the proper nutrients from your diet, then you may seek advice from a doctor to see what supplements you could be taking. You also need to remember that some stress can be good, as it will stimulate your brain to work at its peak. If you do not work your mind then you could also have memory issues. Serotonin, which is the main neurotransmitter, can be lowered in people that suffer from depression. When people cannot overcome their depression, they could possibly experience issues.

Everyone’s brain chemistry is different. This is why it is key for everyone to have their own custom built diet plan and know what is best for them to create the recommended number of neurotransmitters. If you are noticing memory issues, you can see a doctor to have them check your neurotransmitter levels, this can be done before you go into a neurogistics program. You may also be able to improve your memory by taking some amino acid supplements or other supplements, however you should do this as a recommendation from your health care provider. This article is meant to be a starting point, so if you have any of these symptoms then you should seek a doctor.